Sunday, September 25, 2011

Handdrawn Requiem Title Card v 1.1

This is the second draft of the first title card I drew by hand. Drew the background but edited the Requiem lettering from other episode title cards. Put in the smoke f/x the hard way: drawing a 12 frame sequence with an Intuos tablet, used PS CS3 to blur, then animated three copies of each- frame by frame, with a 4 frame delay for each.

Will fix a few other things- including added detail and depth- in a future revision.

What do you say? For the final product, should I use the handdrawn letters, or the title card letters you see here?

Reference: any D&D:tAS title card...just pick one!
Music: Johnny Douglas
Color: Photoshop CS3
Bottom text: PS CS3.
Smoke f/x graphics: Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet

*update*: Final film finish date to August 2012. That's very tentative.
D&D:tAS is the property of Disney. ...(cries)...I know... (sniff)

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