Monday, October 24, 2011

Requiem Fan Radio Drama: Part I

*Note: For a better experience, download the script and read it while listening. You'll find it on Rogull's D&D site, dungeonsanddragonscartoon dot blogspot dot com

It was time to update the drama with better acting, sound and music quality, and effects. This is it. The second half is in production with more music on the way.

I had the task of voicing all of the characters- 'Diana' is progress and the search is still out for Sheila!

Though it's been only two years, I thank Norma Camby for her blessing in this endeavor. Norma is the president of Dulcima Records and the daughter of the late and great composer Johnny Douglas.

Thanks go out to Michael Reaves. Except for additional lines placed in an effort to heighten the drama, I'm following the script tightly.

Credit goes to:

SFX: A1 Free Sound Effects Claster
Script: Michael Reaves
Principal Musical Composer: Johnny Douglas
Voice Talent/Secondary Musical Composer: dndrequiem

Audio: Pro Tools 8
Mixing: Acoustica Mixcraft 2 b.55

Dungeons and Dragons is the property of Disney Studios.

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